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Deep Learning

Master Deep Learning concepts such as Artificial Neural Network, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, LSTM, RNN and more. Master from A to Z provides a complete learning in terms of understanding the concepts, mastering them thoroughly, and applying them in real life.
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    Full Stack Program Overview

    • Live Concept Classes
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    What you will learn

    Learn in-depth concepts, fundamentals, and application with hands-on problem solving. 


    No prior coding experience, beginner friendly, students from all academic years and branch of study can join.

    What next

    UPGRADE to GPP to learn all required skills and specialize in your chosen industry with placement guaranteed.

    Case Studies and Projects

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    Completion Certificate

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    Course Outline 

    TensorFlow and Keras

    Introduction to TensorFlow, Introduction to Keras, Creating Models with Keras, Working with Keras APIs

    Deep Learning

    Implementing Neural Network, How to compose Models in Pytorch, Saving and Loading model, Intuitively building networks, Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks, Hidden layers, Activation function, Loss Functions, Understand Forward & Back propagation, Regularization, Types of Regularization, Normalization, Different Optimization Technique, Gradient Descent, Vanishing Gradient, Batch Norm, Transfer Learning, Q Learning, Encoder Decoder, Reinforcement Learning,

    Computer Vision

    Pooling Layer, Data Flow in CNN, Architecture of CNN, Initializing weights, Forward Propagation in TensorFlow, Convolution and Maxpool Functions, Regularization using Dropout layer, Adding Dropout Layer to the network, Building CNN Keras, AlexNet, VGGNet, Resnet, ResNext, Face Detection, Face Tracking, Face Recognition, Object Detection,

    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Regular Expression, Using Words as Features, Basics of word processing, Stemming, Part of Speech, Lemmatization, Building Feature set, Classification using NLTK Naïve Bayes, Count vectorizer, N-gram, TF-IDF, Word cloud, Principal Component Analysis, Bigrams & Trigrams, Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup, Text summarization, Lex Rank algorithm, Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Technique, Word2vec Architecture (Skip Grams vs CBOW), Text classification, Document vectors, Text classification using Doc2vec, Music Analytics, Machine Translation, Text Classification, Text Segmentation, Sentiment Analysis, NLP vs. NLU vs. NLG, Word2vec and Glove, RNN/ LSTM/ Bi-LSTM/ GRU

    Guided projects

    10+ Guided projects

    Our Learner's !

    This course helped to learn from beginning and apply the skills to solve the problems
    The live doubt sessions helped to clarify doubts

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Full Stack Program?

    Online program with live concept classes and live doubt sessions toto get job ready

    Is this program beginner friendly ?

    Program is designed for both non coding and experienced students. You will be able to learn from fundamental to intermediate level.

    Why should I do Full Stack Program?

    These learning skills are in high demand and offers a clear edge over others when applying for top rated job roles. One may find it easy to learn these high level skills by taking up this program and to get the right guidance from industry experts. 

    What are the strengths of YBIF programs?

    Rigorous Program with Live Classes, Study Material, Assignments, Guided Projects, In-Class Quiz, Weekly Assessment, Real World Problems, Doubt Sessions, Career Counselling, Interview Preparation. Earn Badges, Certificate and Recommendations. 

    Who can apply for YBIF Full Stack Programs?

    Any student pursuing in any year of B.Tech/BCA/BBA or M.Tech/MCA/MBA or any diploma/degree course can apply anytime for the internship program by visiting our website.

    Is this live training or a recorded sessions?

    Concept classes are live instructor led that enables you to ask questions and participate in discussion during session. We do provide recordings of sessions for future reference.

    What are the system requirements for attending class?

    We highly recommend our students to use laptop/desktop for an optimal class experience. However you can attend the class using any device which supports browser.

    Who can I contact if I have question about enrolment?

    Contact program advisor at support@ybifoundation.org or WhatsApp at (+91) 9667987711

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